What is a bike Tyre and Rim Insurance policy?

There is nothing like experiencing the freedom of the winding roads and highways our country has to offer. Unfortunately, a lot of these roads are not maintained which means there is a risk of tyre and rim damage. This is often an expensive exercise due to the cost of the tyres and rims used on modern motorcycles. Although we cannot eliminate the dangers on the roads, we can offer a quality tyre and rim insurance policy for your bike, which will cover all puncture repairs, replacement of two damaged tyres and one rim per year, giving you peace of mind should damages occur.

What are the benefits of a bike Tyre and Rim Insurance policy?

  • All punctures will be repaired at no cost during the insurance period.
  • Cover replacement of two tyres per year that are not able to be repaired, up to a maximum amount as stipulated in the policy per tyre.
  • You are covered for the repair or replacement of one rim per year, to a maximum amount as stipulated in the policy.
  • No excesses are payable.
  • Limited Roadside Assistance is included in the plan.

What are the conditions of a bike Tyre and Rim Insurance policy?

  • You need to have Comprehensive Insurance cover on your motorcycle.
  • Only motorcycles that are less than a year old qualify for cover.
  • Your motorcycle must be roadworthy and it will require an inspection by an approved service provider.
  • Off-road motorcycles and quad bikes do not qualify.
  • Damage sustained during off-road riding on dual purpose bikes is not covered.
  • Insurance cover is limited to three years or until your motorcycle has reached 70 000km, whichever comes first.
  • Racing tyres and rims are not covered.
  • Damage caused by scratching and bruising, including side-wall bubbles are excluded.
  • Damage to the tyres which are covered by any other insurance policy is excluded.
  • Any damaged caused to the motorcycle due to the failure of the tyres or rims is excluded.
  • You will not be covered for damage that existed at the time of sale of the policy.
  • Damages caused by improper fitting of tyres or mechanical defects on the vehicle are excluded.
  • Wear and tear is not covered.
  • Tyres must be roadworthy as required by law.