Our promise

To help people make smart decisions throughout their mobility lifecycle to create lasting value.

Our purpose:

Mobility, for good.

Giving our customers the power they deserve through pioneering mobility solutions that are accessible, useful and always connected. Being people-focused - having a significant and positive impact on our customers, our people, communities and the environment. Deeply embedding our values in our company - ensuring that we, as a collective and as individuals, create real lasting value for our customers.

We believe in the relentless pursuit of excellence, which means we don’t settle for anything less.

We believe we can lead the industry through trust. We believe in treating our customers fairly by removing all the hassle, and by doing things that matter in a sustainable way. We have an unwavering desire to provide a great customer experience and an obsession to exceed their expectations. We will always strive to find a better way of doing things. We want to be celebrated for our excellence. We want to be driven by innovation. We want to be a company that people love and that loves people. We want people to be inspired by our vision of ‘future mobility’.