What is Tyre & Rim Insurance?

Tyre & Rim Insurance will pay for the repair or replacement of your tyres or rims.

Your once-off upfront payment will ensure that you no longer need to worry about damage to your tyres caused by road hazards.

These are merely minor set-backs when you have this Insurance by your side.

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How do I benefit?

No unexpected repair costs
  • .Road hazard damage repair
  • .No excess on claims made
  • .Flexible policy options to suit your needs

LiquidAssist roadside assistance* is included in your Tyre & Rim Insurance Policy for those pesky moments when you need towing, car hire, overnight accommodation, tyre change assistance, a jump-start or help with a key lockout.

*Only available within the borders of South Africa. *Terms and conditions apply

Is this policy for me?

Punctures are common, they happen more often than not, but you can drive without having to worry about them.

This policy helps by providing for damage to tyres and rims and even replaces them if needed.

Tyre & Rim Insurance will help you get back on the road in no time.

Note Tyre & Rim Insurance does not provide for things like windscreen damage, stone chips or scratches on your dashboard. We have a RenewTech Policy for that.

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Is this Insurance not what you’re looking for?

What is provided for?

We will provide for the repair or replacement of your tyres if the they are punctured, suffer a blowout, or are damaged by road hazards such as roadside kerbs, potholes and road debris.

This policy also provides for damage to wheel rims as a result of the same hazards.

Puncture repairs

Unlimited for the period of the policy.

Tyre restriction

only the damaged tyre or tyres will be replaced. All other replacement tyres will be for your account. A maximum of 2 tyres per year will be replaced.

R 4 000.00 maximum to repair or replace one wheel rim per 12-month cycle.

Wheel Rim restriction

the cover for a wheel rim damaged beyond repair is restricted to one rim per year.

R 2 500.00 maximum per tyre per 12-month cycle but subject to a R 5 000.00 maximum payable for all claims in one 12-month cycle Maximum of two replacement tyres per 12-month cycle.

Payment options

  • Once-off, upfront payment only

You can purchase Tyre & Rim Insurance through approved dealerships.

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Frequently asked questions
What is Tyre & Rim Insurance?

Tyre & Rim Insurance makes provision for damage to your car or motor cycle’s tyres and rims as a result of punctures, blowouts or damage suffered from road hazards such as roadside kerbs, potholes or roadside debris.

How do I know if I can get Tyre & Rim Insurance?

Your car or motorcycle may qualify for Tyre & Rim Insurance if:

  • It has comprehensive insurance cover

  • It is no older than 2 years and has travelled less than 40 000 km

  • It is in a roadworthy condition and subject to an inspection by an approved service provider

How can I buy Tyre & Rim Insurance?

You have the following option to pay for Tyre & Rim Insurance:

  • Upfront (added to your finance agreement)

You can purchase our Tyre & Rim Insurance through approved dealerships.