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We are committed to provide you with great customer experience.

We care

We’re focused on you at all times. Our people and the environment is our top priority.

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We create lasting value by making sure our values are deeply embedded in our company.

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We make sure you’re in the driving seat. Our products are unique, accessible and useful.

Fairness is our benchmark

We treat you fairly and do things that matter in a sustainable way.

Our promise

To help you make smart decisions throughout your mobility lifecycle to create lasting value.


(Employee Value Proposition)

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What makes LiquidCapital so strong?

We are part of the Motus group which is the leading automotive group in South Africa.

Motus sells 1 in every 5 passenger cars to the South African market.


That means + 30 000 satisfied customers experience the value of our products every month.

*Based on authorisations between 2014 – 2019


We are one of the largest Service & Maintenance Plan providers for leading international car brands in South Africa.

*Based on providing Service Plans and Maintenance Plans over the last 15 years for both local, international car & motorcycle brands in South Africa.


We actively support over 300 dealerships throughout South Africa.


We’ve been in business for more than 20 years.


LiquidCapital supported Kia and Renault to change their manufacturer warranties in the South African market.

Together, we were first to market with Kia’s incredible 10-year warranty, and we enabled Renault to offer a 5-year Warranty.


We are an exceptional team of over 300 motivated employees working together to serve our customers.

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LiquidCapital is proud to be part of the following groups:

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LiquidCapital is proud to support the following major brands in South Africa: