There’s a saying – ‘To stand for nothing is to stand for everything’ and even though it’s been heard before, we believe it’s true.

That is why we make sure we set out clear values to guide our business to be a better LiquidCapital for our customers and employees.



forerunners /ˈfɔːrʌnə/ noun

Forerunners find the quickest, coolest ways of implementing new ideas - call them boredom-busters, if you will. These guys get excited by taking on tried-and-tested methods and making them better.

Forerunners feel at their happiest when they are swimming upstream - they are revolutionary-thinkers who love nothing better than to show people how to think differently.

If something needs changing - a Forerunner’s your guy or gal - it fulfills them when they get to spice up a stagnant idea or process.


FORERUNNERS are singular wolves who run ahead of the pack. They’re grrreat.

At LiquidCapital you will find a team of Forerunners making things happen - fast! Our clever ideas and smarter processes lead to great wins for our customers.

We’ve got ideas sorted. We get there faster than a speeding bullet, than a flaming comet - we get there first!


nurturer /ˈnəːtʃər/ noun

People who nurture are people who care. They love to show how supportive they can be. Think of a new mom or a granny with her first grandchild - the care and guidance they give are second to none.

Nurturers jump for joy when they can respond to someone else’s needs.

If you want a nurturer to feel fulfiled, just let them make a difference to someone else. They’re sweet like that.


NURTURERS can motivate others and show them how to give better service.

There’s nothing wrong with being nice. We know this at LiquidCapital - especially when we talk about our team. We develop them constantly and we praise them when praise is due.

We make sure our team learn skills and grow within our family, because we know how important they are to us.


guru /ˈɡʊruː/

Ah L'amour! (love) Guru’s are lovers of people and builders of relationships. They are the Anthony to your Cleopatra and the Juliet to your Romeo. Gurus are all about forming connections making sure others experience happy relationships.

A Guru is most fulfilled when they can just enjoy the richness and fullness of life.

Gurus like harmony - they are happiest when they can get people to agree with each other and when motivating others.


GURUS love using their own special gifts to inspire others

At LiquidCapital, you will find a gaggle of Gurus ready to spread happiness. For us it’s all about creating a harmonious and pleasant experience for our customers.

We map their journey from the day they join our family and we respond to their needs during each step of the way. This makes us exceedingly happy.


chief /tʃiːf/

It’s all about the standards for this guy, baby. He’s the head honcho, the big cheese, the boss. He leads by knowledge, experience and respect.

If you want to get the chief’s engine revving, just let him or her be in charge.

These guys like to use their influence to make things better and they feel fulfilled when they can organise complex situations and when they can show off their leadership skills. They are muscle-flexers of note.


CHIEFS like showing how smart and strong they are. Let them. They like to take charge.

Chiefs like to create a prosperous, successful outcome or community. They care about the end results of activities and value. At LiquidCapital we are a leader and we like to flex our muscles by delivering results to all our stakeholders.

We aim to get out as much as possible for what we put in - for our clients, business partners and employees.


inventor /ɪnˈvɛntor/ noun

Masterminds, creators, forward thinkers - Inventors are expressive, imaginative and original. They make new things from scratch and love new technology. These guys are ahead of their time and have inexhaustible imagination.

Inventors enjoy showing off their thinking and to motivate creative thinking in others. They get worked up to the max when they are challenged to come up with new ideas.

They are most fulfilled when they see their new ideas taking shape.


INVENTORS live in the future - even when they walk among us

At LiquidCapital we take inventing to a whole new level - our team puts Jimmy Neutron to shame. We’ll see your Marie Curie and raise you an Albert Einstein. We come up with excellent ideas and motivate others to do the same.

We love to originate and refine ideas to serve our business and our customers better.