What is a Lifestyle Protection Plan?

The Lifestyle Protection plan will pay the outstanding debt on your car finance agreement when you become seriously ill, unable to work or pass away. We make sure your loved ones are a little less burdened when unfortunate circumstances strike and you are going through a tough time.

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How do I benefit?

Cover when you can’t pay your car instalment
  • .Minimizes the risk of buying on credit
  • .No car or life insurance needed

Is this plan for me?

Should you want to make sure you’re able to settle your car finance agreement when you are personally no longer able to do so due to unfortunate circumstances, then the Lifestyle Protection Plan is exactly what you need.

We want to carry the load with you.

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Is this plan not what you’re looking for?

What is provided for?

In the event of you becoming seriously ill, unable to work, or passing away we will provide for your outstanding amount due to the bank (for your car) and pay the following additional amounts*:


Cashback of 10% of all premiums paid

* Gold Plan only

Double benefit

Double benefit – Same amount that we pay the bank, we will also pay to your family

Payment options

You have the following option to pay for the Lifestyle Protection Plan:

  • Upfront (added to your finance agreement)

You can purchase the Lifestyle Protection Plan through our national call-centre.

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Frequently asked questions
Does the Lifestyle Protection Plan only cover serious diseases?

No, we cover a whole range of diseases, disabilities and unforeseen life events. The Lifestyle Protection Plan will be there for you in cases of:

  • Serious Illness: cancer, stroke, heart attack, heart bypass surgery to name a few (Gold and Silver plans)

  • Becoming totally and permanently disabled (Gold and Silver plans)

  • Becoming temporarily totally disabled(Gold and Silver plans)

  • Prolonged hospitalisation or retrenchment(Gold and Silver plans)

  • Death (All plans)

Do you need to be comprehensively insured for the Lifestyle Protection Plan to pay out?

The Lifestyle Protection Plan works independently from any vehicle insurance and other life insurance policies that you might have.

If you are retrenched, what will the payout be?

The Lifestyle Protection Plan will pay-out 6 monthly premiums due to your finance company, once during the lifetime of the policy.

Who will submit the claim in the event of your passing away?

Any of the following entities can submit the claim: beneficiary, executor or finance company.

Which plan has the most cover?

The Gold Plan will cover the outstanding amount due to the bank as well as additional amounts.