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5 Ways to love your car’s interior & exterior

Impress your date or potential buyer.

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5 Ways to love your car’s interior & exterior

Whether you’re a die-hard roses & romance fan or someone who wishes Valentines Day away, February is the month of love, and it’s best to prepare. These five tips will help you spruce up your car’s appearance so you can impress on your next date or help win over a potential buyer.

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Properly clean your car’s interior

Cleaning off sticky or fatty stains with regular soap and water might make the stain worse. Buy an interior spray or wipes which are specifically designed to remove grease & grime from your car instead. If you’ve tracked in a bunch of dirt & mud into your car, remove any excess, vacuum and wash the mats with a high-quality shampoo.

Wash the exterior with (car) shampoo

Showing up for your romantic evening or meeting in a four-wheeled version of the “swamp thing” is not the way… Make sure your chariot shines by treating yourself with a car wash or break out the sponge & suds and take on the challenge yourself. Always use a quality car shampoo, a microfiber cloth and rinse with clean water if you do.

Fill up on fluids

Frequently topping up on fluids is great advice for both you and your car: Engine oil, power steering, transmission, windshield washer fluid, and engine coolant should be checked regularly. Avoid the embarrassment of having to ask for a push by making sure you take care of the basics.

Invest in a premium car fragrance

Thankfully, car fragrances have come a long way. We’ve moved beyond the dangerously pine-scented Christmas trees dangling from rearview mirrors to pleasant scents. Choose from exotic and interesting car fragrances like Ocean Drive, Fire & Ice, Ocean Splash and more.

Remember to take it slow

Leave the street racing antics to the pros and take it slow. Your date or passenger will not only feel safer and more relaxed, but your brake pads and fuel consumption will thank you too.

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