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Saving for your next car service the smart way

Service Plans as a savings vehicle.

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Saving for your next car service the smart way

There are a few things in life which are hard to avoid: Paying taxes, growing older and servicing your car are just a few.

Taking your car for its required service is the best way to care for your car and safeguards your warranty, but it can be expensive. It’s not a question of if you’ll need to have your engine oil, spark plugs, oil filter etc. replaced, but when…

For those who don’t have an existing LiquidCapital Service Plan, the options for covering those costs are pretty limited.

You could pay for it in cash or take the money out of existing savings. So, unless your monthly cash-flow can handle a hefty knock, all you can really rely on is self-discipline and your ability to squirrel away something for a rainy day. There’s only one problem…

We don’t save nearly enough

According to the South African Savings Institute (SASI, 2018) we save approximately 0.2% of our disposable income. At that rate, it would take someone a long time to save & afford an entry-level service.

Service Plans as a saving vehicle

One of the many benefits of purchasing a LiquidCapital Service Plan is that you won’t need to worry about forking out a large sum of money for your car service on short notice. With monthly and once-off cash payment options or by simply having it added to your finance agreement, LiquidCapital’s Service Plan allows you to set it up, forget about it and effectively continue to “save” and ensure you can always afford to properly take care of your car.

For a complete list of LiquidCapital Service Plan benefits and what’s provided for keep reading here or enquire on one today.

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*All Financial Products as defined in the FAIS Act that are provided through LiquidCapital are underwritten by an authorised insurer.